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Weight Loss cleanse

Weight Loss Cleanse

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Cleanse consisting of 8 Juices per day for the first 3 days:PROBIOTIC GINGER | PROBIOTIC SHOT | BLUE LEMONADE | BALANCE | GREEN JUICE | TURMERIC JUICE | PINK LEMONADE | RED JUICE, and 3 juices per day for the final 4 days:PROBIOTIC GINGER | PROBIOTIC SHOT | BLUE LEMONADE For more information on our cleanses you can look at our FAQ page here, or alternatively look at our About Us page.

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Our Weight Loss Cleanse has been specifically formulated for first-time juicers, or repeat customers, who are looking to lose weight and reset their gut health. The cleanse consists of two phases – a 3-Day full juice detox, and a 4-Day half juice detox. On days 1-3, you will consume 8 juices per day only, and cut out all other foodstuffs. On days 4-7, you will drink 3 juices a day before 12pm. After 12pm, you should resume a light, healthy diet. It is vital that you do not eat anything before 12 pm on days 4-7.

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