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One-Juice has collaborated with RISE Women to serve the communities’ health journey. Rise to a healthier & happier you!

RISE is a community of women who believe in the power of intentionality. A RISE woman is a woman who is firmly rooted in kindness, generosity, and encouragement. She believes that we can achieve so much more by uplifting each other. A RISE woman understands that to fully show up for others, she needs to intentionally pour into her own life. And from the richness of her overflow, she selflessly serves others.

RISE women make their health their priority. They embrace whatever challenge they need to overcome to become the healthiest version of themselves. The cold pressed juices in this pack will strengthen your immune system, give you more energy, aid with weight loss and give you healthier, glowing skin. The RISE Health Box will truly help women to RISE from the inside – a healthy, toxin-free inside!

Contents: Red Juice x 3, Turmeric Juice x 3, Balance Juice x 3, Black Lemonade x 3, Blue Lemonade x 3, Probiotic Strawberry x 3, Probiotic Shot x 3, Vanilla Plant Protein Shake x 3.

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